Jerky has gotten a bad rap in the past. “Sure, it’s delicious,” people will say, “but what about all that sodium and processed meat? What about the preservatives they use?” We feel the same way, which is why we set out to make our jerkies different. Yes, that’s “jerkies,” plural. Here at Crockett Creek, we carry four unique types of jerky—each with their own incredible health benefits. We’ve broken down what exactly those benefits are and how it has inspired us to change modern-day jerky making for the better.  

Beef Jerky 

Let’s start with the classic Beef Jerky. You might not know this, but your bag of Beef Jerky packs a powerful, nutrient-rich punch when you look at what makes it up.  

For starters, Beef Jerky is high in protein. With 9.4 grams of the stuff, you can bet that this snack is great for Paleo, Keto, and Low Carb diets. Protein is a vital nutrient that our bodies use to build up and repair our muscles. It also keeps our bodies fueled with plenty of energy, which means that you will spend less time snacking. For this reason, Beef Jerky is great for anyone looking to improve their diet or lose weight.  

Beef Jerky also has a high amount of vitamin B12, Phosphorus, and folate, which are all integral nutrients that your body needs to repair cells and tissues. B12 specifically helps to repair blood cells and nerves and is also a critical ingredient in the production of DNA: the building blocks that make up our genes. Phosphorus helps to repair and formulate the cells that make up your bones and teeth, and folate works with phosphorus and B12 to get all these jobs done. Vitamin C is also a big player in making these repairs happen, so if you really want to make your body happy, we recommend pairing your next bag of beef jerky with a few slices of orange or grapefruit. Think of it as a palate cleanser.  

Buffalo Jerky 

Buffalo Jerky has a couple of similar health benefits to Beef Jerky, but there’s also some key differences that set it apart. For instance, Buffalo Jerky is high in protein, too, but did you know that it’s also low in fat and cholesterol? So low, in fact, that Buffalo Jerky is one of the approved foods to eat by the American Heart Association. So, for anyone out there who is looking for snacks to eat while keeping their heart healthy, we have you covered.  

Buffalo Jerky is also high in two vital nutrients known as zinc and iron. These are a great source of natural energy, and they are necessary for supporting a healthy immune system. This system is what keeps your body healthy and able to fight off illnesses like the common cold or flu. So, it goes without saying that if you are wanting to stay well, you better reach for a pack of Buffalo Jerky and keep your immune system supplied with plenty of zinc and iron. 

Finally, Buffalo Jerky is high in selenium and vitamin B6 which perform many vital tasks in repairing and protecting the body. Selenium is a potent, multifunctional antioxidant that can help to break up harmful substances that enter the body. It can prevent you from contracting certain diseases and has even been known to protect against cancer.  

Vitamin B6 helps with the functioning of your central nervous system, where your brain and spinal cord are, by aiding in the production of two important brain chemicals: dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals can help boost your mood and have been known to decrease symptoms associated with poor mental health. Who knew eating Buffalo Jerky could literally make you a happier person? We did! 

Venison Jerky

Venison Jerky has its own set of health benefits that we love as well. This protein-packed jerky can help to lower your LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein), also known as the “bad cholesterol” of your body, and increase your HDL (High Density Lipoprotein), or your body’s “good cholesterol.” 

But Venison Jerky is also high in a nutrient known as Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA for short. This multi-functional, Omega-3 fat has many jobs that aid in keeping your body running smoothly. DHA has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce swelling in your muscles and joints, which makes Venison Jerky the perfect post-workout snack. DHA is also a vital part of keeping the eyes and brain sharp and healthy and has been known to play a vital role in minimizing the effects of certain cognitive disorders like dementia or Alzheimer’s. This makes Venison Jerky the perfect snack for people of all ages, too.  

Elk Jerky

Elk Jerky has many similar health benefits to Venison, Buffalo, and Beef Jerky as well. Like our previously mentioned jerkies, it’s also low in fat, high in protein, and full of iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. But, one of the benefits that this jerky has which hasn’t been mentioned yet is its high levels of L-Methionine. This is an amino acid that helps to strengthen bones by, surprisingly, decreasing their mass. The effect of this amino acid is best paired with endurance exercise, so Elk Jerky becomes an ideal snack for anyone who is a fan of doing triathlons, cross-country ski trips, marathons, or even certain swimming events. Like all other jerkies, Elk Jerky also has a long shelf-life and is best eaten on the go. So, if you are an endurance athlete, you can trust that this snack will be able to keep up with you. 

Crockett Creek Jerky and Your Health 

As we mentioned earlier, at Crockett Creek we have been inspired to change the way jerky is made, and by proxy seen, today—and a big source of that inspiration comes from the many health benefits of the jerkies that we carry. We want you to receive the most nutrition that you can from all of our products, so that’s why we choose to take a homestyle approach to the way we make jerky. Never mass produced, never tainted with harsh preservatives, and always made with the best cuts of meat, our gluten-free jerkies are crafted with integrity and care. We wouldn’t want any of these chemicals in our bodies, so we aren’t going to put them in yours either. So, if you’re looking for a unique snacking experience with your health needs in mind, visit us at and explore our variety of jerkies and the multitude of health benefits that they have to offer you.