Crockett Creek began with just a family recipe and some Southern hospitality that became famous first in a small Tennessee town then in the rest of the South.

Many years ago, our family perfected a beef jerky recipe in our very own kitchen, and we delighted in sharing the unique jerky with friends, family, and neighbors. Pretty soon, everyone in town knew about the flavorful, tender jerky and couldn’t wait until they could get another bite. Because we received so many compliments about the jerky, our family decided to start a business so that we could share our home style jerky recipes with even more people. That’s how Crockett Creek got its start three decades ago in Maryville, TN.

Once the word got out that this tender handcrafted jerky was now available for purchase, people in Maryville and the rest of East Tennessee flocked to get Crockett Creek jerky to enjoy any time they pleased as a delicious, healthy snack on the go. To keep up with the high demand, Crockett Creek had to move to a larger facility in Knoxville, TN, in 1994. The company has continued to grow and now supplies over a dozen home style jerky flavors, marinades, and spice mixes all across the South.

Despite becoming a well-known jerky company, Crockett Creek continues to stick to tradition and hasn’t forgotten our Southern roots. Crockett Creek is still family-run, and we continue to make jerky in small batches by hand so that we can maintain the highest quality in each bag and keep out artificial preservatives and chemicals. These processes make Crockett Creek’s premium jerky some of the healthiest, least processed, and most satisfying jerky around. This is why our customers keep coming back for more, so much so that they have become a part of the Crockett Creek family, too.

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Fire Beef Jerky

Crockett Creek’s Fire Beef Jerky lives up to its name, so if you like foods that pack a punch, then you will love this jerky. You are guaranteed to get a nice burn with every bite that will have your eyes watering and your tongue begging for more. Because we use a variety of peppers and hot sauces in our Fire marinade, the heat is paired with layers of different flavor notes that will keep your mouth intrigued.