Whether you’re a long-time charcuterie board maker or you’ve just been introduced to the cuisine, everyone can agree that the board-based snack is almost universally beloved. The traditionally French snack board has taken the world by storm, inserting itself into the lives of partygoers everywhere. Few things could make a board full of meat and cheese better than it already is, but jerky may just be the key. If you want to show that you really are the host with the most, preparing a trendy board and incorporating handcrafted jerky can help you to cement your name in hosting history.

Why is Charcuterie the Perfect Snack?

If you feel like you’ve been seeing more content featuring charcuterie boards within the past year than you ever have before, you’re right. Over the past couple of years, charcuterie boards have been rising in popularity, trending as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and aided by social media. As the population spent prolonged amounts of time in their homes, they turned to social media to inspire recipes that would help to keep the time spent inside interesting. One of the many trends that caught on like wildfire during this time were homemade charcuterie boards.

Charcuterie boards aren’t just trendy, though. There’s a reason these snack boards are universally beloved, and it’s not just because adding jerky has the power to make any food irresistible. Charcuterie boards are so widely loved because they make the perfect snack for just about any scenario. They are not only delicious but also versatile, customizable, and can be made into a healthy snacking option.

Versatile Food Option for Events

If you’re a host that is constantly strategizing about what to offer their guests, charcuterie boards may prove to be your best bet. From large parties to small gatherings, a charcuterie board can provide snacks for as many people as you can imagine. The boards are also famous for their versatility in theme. While the traditional charcuterie board features meat and cheese with various accoutrements, many chefs have expanded beyond this realm, branching into dessert boards, spicy boards, veggie boards, and more.

Customizable to Every Chef

Charcuterie boards are famous for their picturesque arrangements, but have you ever noticed that these arrangements are rarely repeated? That’s because charcuterie boards are extremely customizable, meaning that the chef making the snack can branch out by trying new arrangements, flavors, themes, and more. The best snack is one that satisfies when it needs to, and because charcuterie can be whatever the chef wishes, it will always fit the bill.

Healthier Snacking Options

It’s worth noting that even though you may be wary of the calories from a charcuterie board with spring break just behind us and summer on its way, you don’t have to break your healthy eating habits to join in on the fun. The beauty of the versatile, customizable snack boards is that you can turn them into anything that you desire. So, if your goal is to shed a couple of pounds before vacation, look at some of the healthier snack board options, such as a fruit or veggie board. For the meat lovers that just can’t go without, jerky can prove to be a great stand-in for the other, less healthy meats traditionally associated with a charcuterie board.

How to Make the Best Jerky Charcuterie Board

If you’re curious about how you can get in on the trend and even add your own special twist, incorporating jerky into your snack board mix can set you apart from other hosts. Before you get into building your own unique charcuterie board, pay attention to these tips and tricks.

Choose a Theme for Your Charcuterie Board

Before you begin, you will need to purchase the ingredients that you want to include on your snack board. However, you can’t go about purchasing a cohesive blend of items if you haven’t yet locked in on the theme of your charcuterie board. The traditional French cuisine features cured meats and various types of cheeses, often with crackers and spreads, as well. Your charcuterie board, however, does not have to play by these rules. Start with your favorite flavor and type of jerky and plan a cohesive theme around that. If you are working with original beef jerky, you may want to work towards making a sweet and savory board, combining elements such as chocolate and candies with pretzels and jerky. Jerky can be incorporated into almost any charcuterie board as a healthier meat substitute as well, so if you find a recipe that you like, go for it.

Start with Spreads and Build Outward

Many charcuterie boards feature some type of spread or dip, whether that is a modified cream cheese, ranch dressing, or other side that complements the foods on your board. When placing your offerings onto the board itself, you’ll want to start with these spreads, as they are the largest thing on the board and will provide some direction for where you should place the rest of your ingredients. Once you have put these dips into place, you can begin to arrange the rest of your ingredients around them. Whether you are placing them at random or making a picturesque board, the dips will provide a focal point for your board and for you to build outward from.

Mix Up the Colors and Cuts of Your Ingredients

If you want a charcuterie board that will look extra fun, mix up the colors of the ingredients that are next to one another. By doing this, you can create fun effects on your board. Strategically cutting, folding, or shaping certain ingredients in different ways can also contribute to an imaginative and crowd-pleasing charcuterie board.

Choose Your Favorite Handcrafted Jerky Flavor

When you’re building a charcuterie board, you can’t forget the most important ingredient. By incorporating the jerky flavor of your choice into your snack board, you can create a charcuterie board that is even more flavorful. Choose a flavor that is within your board’s theme or choose a sampling of handcrafted jerky flavors for your guests to try.

Then, sit back and let the compliments from your satisfied guests roll in.

Make Your Charcuterie Board with Crockett Creek Jerky

What sets a great charcuterie board apart from the rest is the use of high-quality ingredients to create a stunning presentation with flavors that will blow your guests away. Here at Crockett Creek, we stick to what we know best, and what we know best is great-tasting, handcrafted jerky. Our jerky is made in small batches with only the finest ingredients, so you know that you’ll never be stuck with a sub-par ingredient on your charcuterie board. If you want to win brownie points with your guests at your next party, add in some of that famous Crockett Creek jerky to your party favors.

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