Is there anything better than opening holiday gifts with family? Try making that gift a pack of beef jerky and watch your loved ones’ faces light up. This holiday, give the gift of delicious jerky to those you’re shopping for. Jerky has numerous benefits that make it the perfect gift for many different types of people. Whether it be wrapped in a bow, placed in a stocking, or left on their desk, jerky from Crockett Creek will be sure to have your friends, family, coworkers, and more smiling from ear to ear this holiday season.

Why is Jerky a Great Holiday Gift?

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, giving the gift of hand-crafted, artisanal jerky to your loved ones this holiday season is a win for everyone involved. We don’t have to remind you that gifting for the holidays can be hard, you go through it every year. All year you spend thinking about things that you or your loved ones may want for the holidays only to forget about them as soon as the first sign of a chill enters the air. Before you reach for that gift card, however, consider gifting that hard-to-shop-for person with a pack of handmade, quality jerky.

Not only is jerky a safe bet for a holiday gift, it’s also a sure way to win you some brownie points with the person you’re gifting to. Let’s face it, jerky isn’t the most gifted item during the holidays. It’s probably not even the second most gifted item. What does this mean for you? When your loved one opens a pack of jerky this holiday season, they won’t have to feign surprise or plaster on a smile to spare your feelings. Their reaction will be the pure, unfiltered joy that comes with receiving a present that’s equal parts delicious and nutritious.

Who Should You Gift Jerky to this Year?

Jerky makes a great gift for those in your life that may struggle to find a snack that suits their individual needs. Eating and snacking during the holidays can be hard, and it can be made even harder for those that have dietary restrictions or food allergies on their mind. Here are some people in your life that you may want to consider gifting jerky to.

The Gluten Free People in Your Life

From the endlessly sweet desserts to the copious amounts of savory treats that are commonly found in the kitchen during the holidays, people with gluten allergies or intolerances can miss out on many great snacking opportunities. At Crockett Creek, all our jerkies are gluten-free, meaning that your gluten-free loved ones can enjoy them however they please. Who knows, you might just become their favorite person for considering this fact when it is so often forgotten about.

The Protein Lover in Your Life

For those that are desiring a snack that packs a powerful protein punch, look no further than the handcrafted jerkies of Crockett Creek. Our Original Beef Jerky packs in 14 grams of protein per serving, making it the perfect snack for the gym buff in your life. Plus, it tastes great while it satisfies the 28% of the recommended protein intake per day.

The One that is Always on the Go

We all know that one person who never seems to slow down even for a second. Make sure that the worker bee in your life is taking care of themselves by gifting them a filling, healthy snack that’s delicious, too. Additionally, jerky’s portability will allow them to eat on the go if they’re running from one place to the next.

Quality Lovers

Let’s face it, some of our loved ones are snobs. When it comes to jerky, though, snobbery is actually a good thing. For those in your life that refuse to settle for anything less than the best, Crockett Creek jerky is the perfect holiday gift. Made with only the best all natural ingredients, this is the jerky for those who turn their nose up at processed ingredients, preservatives, and more.

The Best Ways to Gift Handcrafted Jerky this Holiday Season

Jerky Variety Box

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to try it all, the Crockett Creek Jerky Variety Box is the way to go. Containing all 11 flavors of our delicious jerky, your friend or family member is sure to find something that they’ll love. Additionally, the Jerky Variety Box can make for a fun game of White Elephant with friends, family, or coworkers!

Original Marinade

Pick up a bottle of Crockett Creek’s famous Original Marinade this holiday season for your favorite chef. The Original Marinade is packed with the same flavors that are used to create our jerky, so you know that they’ll make anything taste nothing short of irresistible.

Blazin’ Cajun Spice Mix

If you know of someone who loves to go crazy in the kitchen, give them a gift they’ll love. Crockett Creek’s Blazin’ Cajun Spice Mix is perfect for heating a dish up. Trust us, this is a gift you’ll be thankful you gave once you taste the first meal that they make with it.

Handcrafted Beef Jerky by Crockett Creek

Shop small this holiday season by giving the gift of Crockett Creek products. Rather than giving an impersonal gift card, give the gift of delicious beef jerky to those in your life. Crockett Creek’s jerky, marinade, and spice mix are gifts that will light up the faces of your friends, family, or coworkers during this holiday season. It doesn’t hurt that they are crafted with all natural ingredients, gluten free, and high in protein. During the holidays this year, shop smarter, not harder by giving the gift of jerky to all. To learn more about Crockett Creek product offerings, visit our website today.