Father’s Day is just around the corner. Dad may say he loves the tie or the plaid socks for Father’s Day, but what he really wants is something that speaks to his adventurous side or his stomach! All dads love their hobbies. Maybe he is outdoorsy and loves to camp or fish. Perhaps he is a little more laid back and boating or golfing is more his style. Or maybe he is the ultimate Grill Master with a PhD in relaxation. Let’s discuss some great Father’s Day gifts and snacks for dad that he is sure to love this year!  

Gifts for the Happy Camper 

For the dad that loves to get in touch with nature. Plan the perfect camping trip at a nearby park, lake, or mountain campsite. You can start by upgrading his gear. Maybe dad needs an updated cooktop/griddle to cook his meals while camping! Make sure he has a good knife and utensil set to eat his meal. Does he need a new thermos or water bottle? Forget the old style of tailgate/camp chairs, get him a rocker style camping chair so he can roast marshmallows in comfort under the stars. Don’t forget about the hike to the campsite. Load Dad’s backpack with lots of protein packed snacks, like beef jerky to boost his energy.  

Gifts for the Fisherman 

For the dad that loves the thrill of the catch, or the thrill of waiting for the catch, surprise dad with a fully stocked tackle box with new lures and hooks. Don’t forget a net, pliers, or a waterproof phone case! You could also make him the popular “snackle-box.” Use a clean tackle box and fill it with nuts, cheeses, crackers, raisins, jerky, candy, and other treats so your dad has lots to eat while he is waiting for the fish to bite.  

Gifts for the Boater 

Maybe Dad’s idea of time on the water involves just chilling on a boat. Get him a top-notch cooler with ample space for drinks and snacks. Ensure it has high quality insulation to keep everything cool, even on the hottest day. Is it time to update your water toys? Look into a new wake board, tube, or float so dad can relax in style.   

Gifts for the Golfer 

Does Dad spend most Saturdays and Sundays at the golf course? Then a golf-based gift is obviously what you should get him. You can get custom golf balls with pictures of your family members on them or new tees. Let’s face it, you can never have enough of either of those. Is it time for a new range finder? Or perhaps, dad is more “Tiger wishes he could” instead of Tiger Woods. Golf lessons at his club are great too.   

As he makes the turn, encourage dad to ditch the greasy burger and fries and send him a slim cooler that can be filled with sports drinks, water, and protein packed snacks to give dad the energy he needs without weighing him down.  

Gifts for the Backyard Warrior 

We cannot forget the dad who loves to cook and relax in his own backyard. Whether he has a patio, deck, or massive oasis to call his own, dad can always use something special to add to his space.  

Grill Master 

For the Grill Master Dad, you could get him updated tools for his grill or a new apron. Could he use a new propane tank or pellets? If he has a designated grill space or an outdoor kitchen, is there something special you can do to enhance that area? You could clean the area or kitchen for him. Get a new dining table and chairs for the family to eat together. Add special pictures of family trips. Even simple things make a big difference.   

Gift of Relaxation 

If your dad prefers a chair by the pool while “checking the back of his eyelids,” we have a few ideas for him too! Maybe his chair by the pool needs an upgrade- a hammock or canopy swing would be cozy. Grab dad a portable speaker or noise cancelling headphones to listen to his favorite music or podcast.  Mount a TV outside so he never misses his favorite team. Find a side table that pulls double duty as table and cooler. It will keep his drinks cold and give him plenty of room for snacks.   

Gifts for Foodie Fathers 

We cannot forget the self-proclaimed foodie dads. When you are putting together your dad’s gifts for camping, fishing, boating, or golfing don’t forget the snacks. Protein packed; heart healthy beef jerky is always a great option! When they are manning the grill or trying new recipes, get him Spice Rubs or Marinades to add flavor to any dish from meats, seafood, and pork to vegetables.  

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