It’s that time of year again.

We’re talking about New Year’s resolution season. After all the holiday celebrations to end the year, the focus has turned to how we’ll start the next year, what goals we’ll achieve, and what changes we’ll make.

If changing your diet is on your list of resolutions for 2021, you’ve probably seen a wide range of diet possibilities. A quick Google search will result in a miles-long list of diets that run the gamut of what you can or cannot eat, when you should eat, how much you should eat, and a dizzying amout of other rules intended to get health and weight loss results. Among many of the most popular diets in the country, different styles of jerky can play a big role in satisfying the calories you need.

Check out some of these popular diet trends and see how jerky can be an easy way to stay on track and reach your weight loss and health goals.

Atkins Diet

Created by Dr. Robert Atkins in the late 1980s, this diet skyrocketed to popularity in the early 2000s. The Atkins Diet emphasizes eating low carbohydrate as well as high protein and fat foods to have sustained weight loss. This includes eating protein-rich foods like various types of meat, cheese, and eggs and high-fat foods like butter and various vegetable oils.

As a low carb, high protein food, jerky fits perfectly in this diet. The Atkins diet also has no limit to how much protein can be consumed, which is good news for jerky lovers.

South Beach Diet

Created out of the Atkins Diet craze, the South Beach Diet builds on its predecessor to create its low carb, high protein eating style. Created in the mid-1990s by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a Florida-based cardiologist who saw the weight loss results from the Atkins Diet but was concerned over the high level of saturated fat permitted in the diet.

Named after the glamorous area of Miami, the South Beach Diet promotes eating foods rich in low-glycemic index carbs, lean proteins, and unsaturated fats. Jerky is an excellent addition to the snack list for South Beach dieters because jerky is naturally lean with very low-fat contents.

Paleo Diet

The idea of the Paleolithic Diet, or “Stone Age diet”, has floated around as far back as the late 1800s. Dr. Walter L. Voegtlin published his book The Stone Age Diet in 1975 and advocated for a meat-based diet with low proportions of vegetables and starchy foods. The diet reemerged in the 21st century and has become especially popular over the last decade.

In its simplest terms, Paleo dieters eat foods like lean meats, nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables, and fish. Jerky products are an especially great lean meat, which means they are perfectly acceptable on the Paleo Diet and a great snack on your health journey. Jerky is also free of the additives and chemicals that have become so commonplace in our processed foods and are shunned by the Paleo Diet philosophy.

The diet is also very popular within fitness communities like CrossFit, which encourages athletes to eat foods very high in fats and proteins. Again, jerky fits perfectly in this diet plan.

Keto Diet

Similar to the Paleo Diet, the Keto Diet (or Ketogenic Diet) has risen in popularity over the last decade or so. However, this low carb and high-fat diet is built more on scientific research than philosophy. The basic premise is to reduce your carbohydrate intake to keep your body in a metabolic state where you burn fat for energy, or what’s known as ketosis. The diet also claims to turn fat into ketones in the liver, which can supply energy for the brain.

Meat is considered a staple food for those on the Keto Diet for its high fat, low carb qualities. Jerky works great on this diet since jerky has very few carbs.

Carnivore Diet

This diet is exactly what it sounds like. The Carnivore Diet encourages those on the diet to eat only meat and animal products, eggs, and some dairy. This diet also stems from the same beliefs fueling the Paleo Diet, that humans ate a diet of mostly meat and fish during prehistoric times.

For the meat lovers choosing this diet for the new year, jerky is an obvious choice to add to their everyday diet for its low carbohydrate and high protein content.

Jerky is the Perfect Snack to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s tough to keep a New Year’s resolution, especially one where you make a significant lifestyle change like your diet. However, jerky is the perfect snack to help you stay on track, keep your goals, and get the results you want for the new year. All our lean meat jerky products are packed with protein, low on carbs, and free from harmful additives that plague processed foods. Jerky is also high in important nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

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