Growing up, many of our parents led us to think that beef jerky was a junk food that should only be eaten every once in a while. However, nutritional evidence shows that jerky can actually be viewed as a healthy snack that can be enjoyed without guilt. Everyone from fishermen to cyclists can now be seen snacking on jerky to gain energy and stave off hunger. Even professional athletes see jerky as a healthy alternative to protein bars. Here are a few of the reasons why jerky is a healthy snack for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up.

Jerky Is High in Protein

Jerky is a perfect high protein snack. Each one-ounce serving of Crockett Creek jerky contains between 12 and 16 grams of protein. There is some disagreement about how much protein a person should eat in a day, but most official nutrition organizations recommend eating 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight. It is important to eat enough protein because this macronutrient is necessary for many functions in your body. Your body uses protein to build muscles, bones, cartilage, blood, and skin. Some additional health benefits of eating the right amount of protein include:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Lower blood pressure
  • More rapid injury repair
  • Weight loss
  • More muscle mass and strength
  • Reduced hunger
  • Improved bone health

Jerky is Low in Calories

With only 80 to 90 calories per one-ounce serving, Crockett Creek jerky is lower in calories than many snack options out there. For example, protein bars can contain well over 300 calories per serving. Jerky allows you to eat almost as much protein as a protein bar without all those extra calories. Jerky is a great healthy snack for people who are watching their caloric intake since it satisfies appetites with fewer calories. This is because most of the calories in jerky are in the form of protein, which is filling, low in calories, and does not quickly transform into fat in the body.

Jerky Is Gluten Free

People with certain health conditions can have adverse reactions to gluten. Most jerky All Crockett Creek jerky is gluten free, and all Crockett Creek jerky proudly carries this label. If you have a sensitivity to gluten, it can be difficult to find healthy snacks that both taste good and satisfy your appetite. Jerky is a great snack to fill this void. Whether you have a gluten sensitivity or you are following a diet trend that prohibits gluten, you can snack on Crockett Creek jerky without worry or discomfort.

Jerky Is High in Iron, Zinc, and Other Minerals

Jerky is typically made from beef, venison, elk, or buffalo, all of which are very high in iron. One ounce of these types of jerky contains about 8 percent of the daily recommended value of iron. It’s important to eat enough iron because it is essential for the production of blood cells and good cardiovascular health. Jerky is also high in zinc, magnesium, and potassium. Zinc supports the immune system, helping your body stay healthy by fighting off illness. Magnesium is necessary for healthy bones, heart, and blood. Potassium helps your muscles work and makes sure different systems in your body function properly. Jerky is packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals that are proven to improve overall health.

Jerky Is a Low Carb Snack

A popular diet trend right now is limiting the intake of carbs. The problem that people often run into when cutting out carbs is finding effective alternative sources of energy. Jerky is a healthy snack that is low in carbs but still offers a good amount of energy. Each serving of Crockett Creek jerky contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates, meaning it can be officially considered a low-carb snack. You will gain natural energy without the unpredictable spikes in insulin and energy levels that result from carb-heavy snacks and meals. Replacing high-carb snacks with high-protein snacks like jerky can actually promote fat loss and keep hunger away longer.

Jerky Is Low in Sugar

To make jerky, meat must be cured in either sugar, salt, or a mixture of both. Depending on the flavor of the jerky, the curing solution may lean more heavily in one direction or the other. However, jerky is typically low in sugar, especially when compared to other protein-rich snack foods like protein bars. Protein bars often contain over 20 grams of sugar per serving, while Crockett Creek jerky has only a few grams of sugar in each serving. Flavors such as Teriyaki and Sweet & Spicy have 6 grams of sugar to achieve a sweeter flavor, but most other flavors have only 3 grams of sugar, making them low-sugar healthy snack options.

Jerky Is Low in Fat

When made with lean meat, jerky can be very low in fat, making it the perfect snack for your healthy diet. Much of the fat found in the meat is eliminated during the drying process, leaving jerky with only a small amount of fat in each serving. Crockett Creek uses only high-quality, lean cuts of meat and does not over-process them to make sure the end product has very little fat and is as natural as possible. Crockett Creek jerky also contains zero trans fat, which is the unhealthy type of fat. With 2.5 grams or fewer of total fat per serving, you don’t have to feel guilty when choosing jerky for your healthy snack.

Enjoy Crockett Creek Jerky as a Healthy Snack

When you need a guilt-free snack with a delicious taste, reach for Crockett Creek jerky. Our jerky is made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients with no artificial preservatives or chemicals, making this premium jerky some of the healthiest, least-processed jerky around. We don’t compromise on taste to achieve all this healthiness, either. With fourteen different jerky flavors that all taste homemade, you can easily find something that will suit your tastebuds and make your mouth do a happy dance. When you taste our jerky, you would never guess how healthy it really is because of its bold, exciting flavor. If you want a healthy, high-protein snack that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, try some Crockett Creek jerky today!