Heart disease is one of the most dangerous conditions affecting people in the United States and abroad today. This disease accounts for around 1 and 3 deaths a year in the US, according to the American Heart Association. Despite the widespread challenge that heart disease presents, there are actions that you can take to prevent you and your loved one from this affliction. One of the best ways to mitigate your risk of developing heart disease is to pay attention to your diet. Eating foods that give your body the proper amount of sodium, nutrients, and cholesterol can greatly decrease your odds of future heart complications.

Contrary to popular belief, when done correctly, jerky is one of the healthiest snacks you can choose when opting to take care of your heart. Handcrafted, unprocessed jerky is high in many of the key vitamins that work to strengthen your heart.

A Look at the Importance of Heart Health

Cardiovascular, or heart, disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, with an estimated 17.9 million victims per year. Due to the widespread nature of this concerning condition, education and research regarding preventative measures and cures for these diseases are extremely important, leading to the creation of Heart Health Awareness Month, which takes place every February and includes Heart Failure Awareness Week and National Wear Red Day.

Ensuring that people are educated about how to prevent cardiovascular disease is one of the best ways to combat this significant problem. With increased knowledge about how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle, the American Heart Association hopes to decrease the number of deaths related to cardiovascular failure significantly. One of their top recommendations for improving patients’ lifestyles is to alter their diet. This usually means decreasing salt and sugar intake, as well as decreasing the amount of cholesterol your body absorbs.

During busy days, we know it can be tempting to grab excessively sweet or salty snacks that could be a danger to the health of your heart, but at Crockett Creek Jerky, we’ve created a healthy alternative that is just as easy to for people to grab while on the go.

What Kinds of Snacks Can Be Dangerous for My Heart?

As we mentioned above, some of the dietary supplements that can cause heart disease are excessive sugars, salts, saturated fats, and processed carbohydrates. Some of the least heart-healthy snacks include potato chips, baked goods, sugary cereals, and pizza. Processed and cured meats can also be risky for someone with a weaker heart.

Now, we’re definitely not saying that if you eat a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, your arteries will immediately clog, because most things can be enjoyed in moderation. It is, however, best to limit these supplements if possible and add healthier foods into your dietary routine. Some more heart-healthy options include fresh fruits, leaner cuts of meat, and leafy, green vegetables.

Can Jerky Be a Heart-Healthy Snack?

We like to think so! But the difference between our jerky and the jerky of our competitors lies in both the variety of meats we offer and the production process.

What Health Benefits Does Our Jerky Offer?

Jerky contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Jerky is perfect if you’re in need of a snack that is low in carbohydrates but high in protein. One serving of jerky typically contains around 9 grams of protein. In addition, handcrafted jerky, like ours, is lower in sugar and higher in essential vitamins like zinc, iron, and magnesium. All these vitamins that jerky offers work to help your body run smoothly and effectively.

Our craft jerky does not contain nitrates and has no added MSG, which are known to be detrimental to heart health. At Crockett Creek, we don’t need artificial preservatives to keep our jerky fresh, due to the nature of our curing and drying process. When you snack with us, you can be sure that your body is receiving the purest ingredients possible.

What Jerkies Do We Offer?

We make a wide array of craft meat, including venison, elk, and bison. These types of meat are usually leaner, and therefore present less risk for increased cholesterol. In fact, bison jerky is recommended by the American Heart Association!

In addition to our other craft meats, we offer a classic beef jerky option. Processed beef is usually high in saturated fat, which can be a danger to your heart. Though cured, our beef is not heavily processed and utilize all-natural ingredients. One of our core values is to keep artificial preservatives and chemicals out of our hand-crafted jerky, so your body will enjoy it just as much as your tastebuds do!

Opt for Heart Healthy Snacks with Crockett Creek Jerky

At Crockett Creek, we take the health of our customers very seriously. We know the reputation that other, more processed, jerky companies have created and want to prove that our jerky is set apart. It is the perfect low-carb, vitamin rich, high protein snack to eat on the go. We are determined to provide our customers with the best quality product possible so that you can have peace of mind when reaching into your pantry.

In addition to the numerous health benefits of snacking with the help of Crockett Creek, we also offer jerky in a variety of flavors! Whether you’re looking for something spicy, savory,  tangy, or even a mixture of all three, we’re sure to have a jerky to satisfy. Visit our website for a full selection of flavors, and to get your hands on the healthiest, most satisfying jerky around!

Note: this article is not meant to provide any type of medical or dietary advice. Please, seek a physician or registered dietitian for information related to medical and dietary needs.