The Fourth of July is finally here! For many of us, it may be our first time in over a year that we get to spend it safely among family and friends. Maybe you’re welcoming someone home, or you’re just feeling the itch to host and entertain again. No matter how you might be celebrating this Fourth, Crockett Creek has everything you need to throw the perfect cookout that will have your guests’ mouths watering the minute they step in the backyard. Check out our list of Fourth of July must-haves to help you spice up your menu this year.

Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers

We all know the secret to good grilling is to smoke the meat low and slow, so if you need to keep the hungry guests at bay, we’ve got the perfect snack to tide them over. Crockett Creek carries a wide variety of different flavors of homestyle jerky that are guaranteed to please any crowd.

Bring on the Heat!

If you’ve got a ravenous group of heat seekers at your heels, grab a few packs of our Blazin’ Cajun, Fire, or Honey Jalapeño flavored beef jerky. These scintillating flavors are sure to make your guests’ tastebuds pop. But it’s not just spice here. Blazin’ Cajun, Fire, and Honey Jalapeño each have their own unique taste and level of heat.

Bayou Boil is great for guests who love, as you might have guessed, Cajun food. The heat is strong here, but it’s also perfectly balanced with the right amount of salt and savory flavor from our premium cuts of beef. Fire is full of red pepper chili flakes, each one hitting your palate with the perfect amount of kick. Honey Jalapeño brings in a sweet and smoky side to its spiciness with a golden honey glaze and jalapeño marinade. Serve up any of these spicy gourmet beef jerky flavors, and your guests will devour them in seconds. Just be sure to leave out some cold drinks for them, too!

Sweet. Savory. Classic.

If sweet and savory are more your crowd’s speed, we recommend serving our Teriyaki, Steakhouse, or Original flavors of our homestyle beef jerky. Marinated in a delicious blend of pineapple juice, Worcestershire sauce, and grated ginger, our Teriyaki beef jerky will put your guests on island time with its perfect balance of summertime flavors.

Our Steakhouse beef jerky is also a big crowd pleaser with its smoky mix of fresh black peppercorn, organic beef stock, and just a touch of brown sugar that will take your tastebuds on a culinary journey right in your own backyard.

Our Original Beef Jerky is the quintessential summertime snack. With a homestyle marinade and blend of southern herbs and spices, this gourmet beef jerky is best enjoyed in the sunshine while you’re lounging on the porch with friends and waiting for your barbecue to finish cooking.

Walk on the Wild Side

Maybe your crowd is a bit on the unconventional side. We have some jerky for you, too! Crockett Creek carries three types of gourmet wild game jerky: elk, buffalo, and venison.

Our elk jerky tastes slightly sweet and a bit beefy but lighter and less hearty. It’s great for anyone who loves the flavor of beef jerky but is looking to try something new and a little different. As for our venison jerky, it’s a bit smoother and firmer than beef, but it also has a distinct earthy and aromatic flavor to it. This is great for anyone who wants a palatable cut of wild game meat. Our buffalo jerky is like beef, but it tends to be coarser in texture and has a sweeter taste to it, like elk. It also has some great nutritional benefits to it, since it is a low fat, low cholesterol cut of meat.

All our wild game jerkies are prepared in house with our signature seasoning and marinade and are dressed by hand. No matter what your crowd likes, we’ve got a homestyle jerky for them that will keep them satisfied and give you just enough time to get your barbecue grilled to perfection.

Dish Up the Main Course

Now it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the barbecue. Are you going to go the traditional route with the classic duo of hot dogs and hamburgers? Will you be paying homage to your southern roots with pulled pork and brisket? Or are you going to take a trip across the Mississippi with a helping of jambalaya and seafood boil? Crockett Creek can help you with more than just appetizers, you know. Check out how we love to use our Blazin’ Cajun Spice Mix and Original Marinade for our own home cooking.

Blazin’ Cajun Spice Mix: A Grill’s Best Friend

In our Blazin’ Cajun Spice Mix, you’ll find that our smoky, savory, and slightly spicy mix of all-natural ingredients like paprika, cayenne pepper, oregano, and more can bring out unique flavors of any of your favorite cookout dishes. Sprinkle on top of potato wedges for an extra kick or add a dash to your deviled eggs to bring a twist to these classic sides. Rub down your chicken, burgers, or fried catfish with it; or spice up your andouille sausage and bring some authentic Louisiana flavor to your red beans and rice. When combined with the smoky flavors from your grill, our versatile Blazin’ Cajun Spice Mix is sure to get mouths watering and stomachs growling this Fourth of July.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Our Original Marinade

Our Original Marinade is homestyle southern comfort in a bottle. This vinegar-based blend of all our favorite herbs and spices pairs well with all sauce lovers. It makes even the juiciest cuts of pulled pork, steak, and brisket more savory, it takes any barbecue sauce to a whole new level, and it is perfect for making any unconventional cookout dish feel like a beloved barbecue staple. Marinate a portobello mushroom in our Original Marinade, throw it on the grill, and top with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, and you have made the perfect plant-based burger. Or, add it to your ground elk, venison, or any other cut of wild game and roast over an open flame for the perfect cowboy cookout. Whether you’re going classic this Fourth of July or trying something new, Crockett Creek’s Original Marinade will bring out the best in all your dishes this summer.

Take It Up a Notch This Summer with Crockett Creek

No matter if it’s a big grill out or a hike with friends, Crockett Creek has what you need to make your summer an unforgettable journey. On our website, you will find all the flavors of our gourmet beef and wild game jerky as well as our spice mix and marinade. Our products are gluten free, have no MSG, and are all made by hand, right here in East Tennessee. Order today and see why Crockett Creek truly is a cut above the rest.